About Love Football Academy

LOVE FOOTBALL ACADEMY is a brand new concept developing young footballers in a fun and enjoyable environment that will produce imaginative and skilful football. LOVE FOOTBALL ACADEMY has specially designed programmes that focus on the technical aspects of the game to nurture young players in fulfilling their potential.

Why Choose Love Football Academy?

Love Football Academy is run by coaches who love football and like working with like-minded individuals. Love Football Academy can offer a safe and secure environment for all to learn the skills required to become a professional footballer. It is my personal hope that through Love Football Academy I will be able to encourage more young people to become involved in the game and share our love for it.

Why was Love Football Academy founded?

Love Football Academy was founded to give local children the opportunity to experience professional Academy style coaching. Our Expansive knowledge of the game means that we can and do deliver fun and effective coaching that will improve the ball mastery skills of all ages and abilities.

What are the backgrounds of Love Football Academy Coaches?

Love Football Academy Coaches are UEFA and FA qualified professionals of the game that currently coach at Premier League and Championship Clubs.

In the last two years, the successful coaching team have developed 11 players who have gone onto trials and development centres at Premier league Clubs including: Tottenham Hotspur, Queens Park Rangers and Norwich City.

More Details can be found on the Coaches Page.

What is the philosophy of Love Football Academy?

Love Football Academy’s philosophy is to produce quick, skilful and technically gifted footballers. Whether your child is four or 16 years old, our philosophy doesn’t differ and the Love Football Academy coaches have a wide variety of sessions that cater for all ages and abilities.

What is the aim of Love Football Academy?

Love Football Academy’s aim is to produce the professional footballers of the future that may even go onto represent the Country! English football is currently at a low with the national team not developing technically gifted players like Spain and Brazil and I hope that Love Football Academy’s philosophy will help change that?